BONUS EPISODE: A Conversation With the Producers of The Airing of Grief

Our first gathering and group recording. 

Our first gathering and group recording. 


We gathered for a mid-season 1 special episode and ended up talking for 2 hours. The first segment we're making available here is an introduction to that conversation, and a way for us to introduce our listeners to who we are as a team. 

We discuss what we hope to be doing with the podcast, and what makes us excited for the community we're seeing built.

(We also get into personality typology, because we're nerds, confirming Derek as an Enneagram Type 5 in the process.) 

This special bonus episode of The Airing of Grief represents the first part of a much longer and deeper conversation. The rest of that conversation will be made available to our Patrons very soon, in a couple more installments similar to this one. To hear the ENTIRE CONVERSATION (plus more exclusives), please support us by becoming a patron.

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