Ep 01: Stop Listening


"We've been through so much / Lost and gained some trust /
Honestly, I'm just glad we still talk..."


Change is inevitable. Some would say change is the only thing that's truly constant.

Everything changes.

But change can still hurt. And when we go through seasons of great change, it can surprise, confuse and alienate those we love... So how we respond to the gravity of someone's change can determine a lot. It can determine who's still near to us, and who keeps their distance. The choice is often outside of our control. And we've all been on both "sides" of that equation.

In the midst of our greatest loss, uncertainty, and grief, some will remain near. Others will find themselves barely resonating on the same frequency. And many will find themselves in the in-between. The three featured voices in this episode find themselves all over that beautiful spectrum. 

Our premier episode dances with the themes and ideas of 'Stop Listening' – the first track on DEREK WEBB'S NEW ALBUM, 'Fingers Crossed.' The song itself also provides a musical backdrop to the phone calls and correspondence we're featuring this week. 

"...If we can get through this / We may have a shot /
At something even we can’t tear apart"

– Stop Listening


Derek Webb has described his new album, Fingers Crossed, as 'a tale of two divorces.' Our first season of The Airing of Grief Podcast dives into the album track-by-track, with each song providing the themes and musical backdrop for an accompanying episode. Whether you're new to Derek's music or a longtime fan, the topics discussed and the stories of our guests should prove themselves to be a compelling journey for any listener. Wherever you might find yourself on issues of faith or spirituality, there is room at the table for all of these voices to be heard and celebrated. Raw, real, and authentic, The Airing of Grief strives to be a safe place to strip away the pretense and really listen to the heart.

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