s2e23: Singing Over Shadows

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The Airing of Grief Season 2 has been long and dynamic and varied. So the question arises: How do you “end” a season like this? We’re not sure you really can. So maybe this is more of a pause

We have a good amount of great calls still that would all be worth featuring in full, but none of them seems like THE  final call of season 2. And maybe that’s poetic, because a tidy wrap up to something like this seems contrary to what we’ve been doing. This is bigger than any one story. Season 2 was driven by our need to diversify our voices and be more deliberate in bringing all kinds of people to the table. It’s been about the perspective which only comes from that broader spectrum, which we worked hard to chase down (and will continue to going forward). But there’s no one way to approach all that with any sense of finality. It’s difficult enough to sum any of it up and hit pause.

But we can at least try. 

So here are some… vignettes.

An array of voices in a flowing conversation – meandering together like objects in shared, resonant space. A coda to embodiment and finding ourselves within each other’s stories. 


The Airing of Grief is a podcast featuring conversations and correspondence about spiritual de- and reconstruction.

There are some great podcasts in production which tackle specific church and theology-related issues at the core of any given episode. And while many such issues arise in our calls and written correspondence, The Airing of Grief itself is not an issues-driven podcast. Instead, our particular focus is the human experience. We look for conversation more than interview, and our themes are derived from the personal stories and perspectives shared by our guests. 

Our ultimate aim is the re-congregating of those who might otherwise feel disenfranchised, cut off, or alone. In processing experiences of religion and spirituality, we hope to learn that we all remain connected, and that there is a strange new community of others who are rooting for us, celebrating us, and sharing the burden of our stories. Regardless of where anyone might land on the spectrum of belief and faith, we recognize a common bond forged in our seasons of pain and disillusionment. As the old saying goes, “A joy shared is doubled, and a grief shared is halved.”

And our desire is to craft a safe place for that. We hope to cultivate real estate for the resonance and empathy which is found when we have the opportunity to invest in one another’s experience. There is empowerment in speaking the truth of our stories – not only for those sharing, but those listening as well.

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