s3e12: Refrain (A Meditation for Your Cells)

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This week follows our previous episode, not just in sequence, but in substance. It speaks over all of the various stories we’ve been featuring for nearly two years now. Speaks to the process they each give voice to. Like a refrain

As with our previous episode, Reprise, this episode specifically roots us in the sciences of process.

So from a conversation with a clinical psychologist, we now turn to a conversation with a molecular biologist. From the cycles and rhythms of growth and how they sit alongside trauma, to now probe deeper… smaller… into our very cells. To find what they have to say about release, surrender, context, and adaptation. How we’re sustained by the things we let go of along with the new things we grasp. 

In commitment to process, the patterns of evolution emerge — weaving unities within diversities, and teaching us about how our experience changes us.

This conversation features Elizabeth Jeffries. She’s a PhD laboratory scientist and science writer, and she’s just released a book called, “Through the Kaleidoscope: How Exploring Cell Biology Transforms My Relationship With God.”
You can find more about the book and Elizabeth at her

NOTE: The other audio clip featured in this episode is from 20th century British philosopher Alan Watts, who himself was driven to seeing patterns in nature. He also spoke a lot on the subject of meditation.

The conversation with Elizabeth Jeffries itself felt more like an extended meditation to begin with. As such, this episode has been scored accordingly, because the idea of doing a guided meditation with a scientist was too cool to not attempt.

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