s3e2: A Greater Presence

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In certain religious ways of seeing the world, it can be easy to mistake presence for transcendence. We struggle to fully embody our own experiences in the ‘here and now’ when everything is made to be ‘the somewhere else and the not yet.’

There’s music happening, and all around us is a great symphony… but we treat it like echoes. It turns out that being fully intimate with our own experience can be difficult when we have to filter everything through an “eternal” worldview.

When that’s you, you end up holding each moment at arm’s length. 

Many of us have thus experienced a subversion, or a suppression, of our humanity as a result of this perspective. A lack of full presence and embodiment doesn’t just diminish our experience of the world, but our engagement in the world. 

So what of the other side? What’s there to be found? This episode has a lot to say about those questions. Maybe uncertainty brings some healing along with it.

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