s3e4: State Change

There’s knowing we need change…
and then there’s boldly moving into it.

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In the process of our Becoming, we take on new space, which gives way to new substance… which is only possible from within that new space. 

Five considerations for this episode and its conversations:

1) The false promises of fundamentalism are still false promises outside of it. And it can be all too easy for fundamentalism to merely adapt and take on a new form, tricking us into clinging to it even longer in the process.

2) There’s probably more fear and binary thinking to unpack than we might have assumed would follow us out. 

3)  Maybe the truly renewed mind is simply one which can make a little more room.

4) Being part of a solution on the other side is more complicated than we’re used to celebrating, though the work is no less meaningful. 

And 5) Maybe, if eyes are open, there is opportunity where we’ve been a part of causing pain – so that our regret and our redemption might even share a property line. 

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