s3e6: Valentines Day

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Many loves might come and go from your life, but you’re kinda stuck with yourself. Partners, friends, even family members… any time there is loss, the dust settles, and there you are. And that being the case, for those of us with some toxic theology and religiosity in our backgrounds, one of the most important things to grasp might be this: You aren’t tarnished. You aren’t hopelessly broken. You aren’t born guilty and somehow cosmically at fault for death and entropy itself.

You’re just a person. You delight, you suffer, you survive, and hopefully, you love. A lot.

You didn’t choose any of this. You just have to choose what you do with it. 

And whether you’re reconstructing inside or outside of faith, that’s a liberating thing to learn and experience. In gain or in loss, in times of clarity and times of everything being a blur, you are a compass.

And you decide what that means, and where it points you. 

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